Grounded Warrior

Grounded Warrior was an online fitness company specializing in video workouts and weekly workout routines. The site was built with the Phoenix Framework [] providing a GraphQL API [] to the React.js [] front-end. It included user activity tracking, activity analytics and graphs, an admin interface for managing all content and scheduling workouts and integration wth Stripe [] for recurring payments. The site

South Shore Moves

South Shore Moves was a fitness program tracking application built for a local fitness studio who worked with local companies and organizations on providing health and wellness as a service.  The site including workout tracking, competitions and leader boards in a multi-tenant Rails application.  Tenants could be build the the admins by selecting each “feature” they wanted to include for that client.  It has since been shutdown. [] is a person project of mine for built for managing, sharing and cataloging all my favorite spirits. I Started as a RoR app about 6 or so years ago, but throughout the past few years i have revamped it several times moving to Phoenix [], then from that to a React [] front-end, Phoenix backend and a GraphQL [] api between the two. This has increased the overall speed significantly. I also took adva